Well I broke my tibia and fibia and had surgery done. Spiral fracture on the tibia and a clean break on my fibia. First off in the hospital right after it happened they kept giving me delaated(spelling?) and it wasn't doing anything for the pain but they kept giving it to me no matter what I said, it just made me really high but the pain was still there. After the surgery the anesthesiologist gave me a block because I was in so much pain I was almost crying, and I have a high tolerance of pain, the block was nice for two days. The Dr then had me put on oxycodone 5mg @ 3 pills every 3 hours. It was nice while in the hospital because they had the supply there(even though they weren't very good at keeping the schedule) I have an appt in three days to see my dr and I'm down to 15 pills and I have had to lower the dosage to 2 or 1 pill because I'm afraid of running out, since I left the hospital 7 days ago, my script was no refills. I am in so much pain I've stayed in bed for the past 3 days until noon because of the pain and because I'm low on pills. I'm really scared my dr won't give me any more pain medication even though I am in a lot of paint. The surgery he did involved two plates and 14 pins and I can't put any pressure on that leg or walk on it. Will my Dr give me more pain medication?