My doctor just gave me Haloperidol to take in addition to Klonopin 1mg 4x day?for my anxiety.I take the Haloperidol at night.I'm on Viibryd 20 mg for depression,Verapamil 40 mg for migraine plus amitriptyline 10 mg to help keep me from getting them(Amitriptyline at night.).I don't know if anyone has a comment on Haloperidol (any experience with it?).I'm still getting migraines and take Relpax and Fioricet if I have one.They seem to be increasing.Now they want to try Botox . My husband doesn't understand and is against it, I'm so sick of Migraines.I've had migraines 30 years now.When do they stop>I'm 58 (been through menopause since 47).I take Protonix for Gerd plus Gaviscon.I take Bentyl for Irritable Bowel and sometimes Imodium if I have diarrhea.Any thoughts?Thanks,Mograce