I have been going to the same pain clinic for 10 yrs. When I first went there, I was on Lortab. About 6 yrs ago they wanted to put everyone on a Long-acting medicine, so after trying a couple other things- I was put on Methadone. My dosage has been 90 mg per day for the past 4 years and I'm doing fine. At my last appointment, the new nurse practitioner told me that she talked to the Dr and they agreed that I was on "way too much methadone". She said when you're taking that much, it doesn't help you any more than a much smaller amount and that on my next visit, I will be cut to 20 mg per day. I have had 4 spinal surgeries, have fibromyalgia, etc. I am afraid of withdrawal and not having my pain controlled. Is 90 mg per day too much?