So I went to see this blood Doctor my my sever head aches. But when I went to pick up my script for pain medicine they said it was my last script cause I didn't go see them but I actually did. So I spoke with the nurse and they said yea everything's fine as long as you saw them I'll just tell the doctor. So when I went to go get my last script they won't give me it cause my doctor had been put sick for a week and a half and no one was able to tell her I had seen the other doctor. I had been calling for that whole week to make sure everything was ok but they said she haven't been in call again. So when I went to get it they said nope we can't give it to you so I had to have my mother talk to them cause she knows the nurse their well. Do they agree to give me the script but it was for HALF of what I normally take. So 2 weeks in and I'm not gonna make it to the 20 day mark for my next script. Not sure what to do and I'm extremely mad that I'm being punish for my doctor being sick. And I'm about to lose my job due to missing two days and it ruined my Christmas. Any advice would help. Thank you