I am prescribed viibryd and klonopin for major depression and panic disorder. For the last three weeks I've been out of klonopin because all pharmacies around here have it on back order. I also have been experiencing horrible restless leg syndrome (a side effect of the viibryd) only not just my legs and not just at night. It is all the time now and driving me crazy. I called my doctor's office- he is on vacation and the doctor covering for me says he can't do anything about either problem. So I am basically screwed until my doctor gets back in two weeks.

The excuse was that the covering doctor couldn't do anything about the lack of medication, couldn't change the medication that is on back order and can't help with ideas for stopping the restless leg syndrome. Is what they are saying true is it against the law for him to help? It doesn't make any sense to me.

I've never asked for anything other than the medication I am already prescribed or a change in medication because of the rls and the back order on the klonopin.