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My doctor has changed me from MsContin 360 mg a day to Opana, what is the mg conversion?

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Buddy1971 31 Mar 2012

I found a conversion chart by googling MG TO MG CONVERSION CHART FOR OPIATE PAINKILLERS,but you didn't say how many mg of Opana your being switched to? You could go there yourself & enter the required fields because I noticed there was a box for tolerance & only you would know questions like that. Hope this helps.

subzero58 31 Mar 2012

hi chris,buddy's question is very importent. how many mgs was your ms contin and how many times a day were taking it? then tell us what mg is your opana and how many times a day are you perscribed to take it? also how long were you on the ms contin? but one thing i can tell you is changing from one kind to another could bring you very favorable affect.oxy morphone is stronger then ms contin,so just follow doctors orders and if it doesn't take care of your pain tell your doctor after a few days of trying it. just so you dont take more than perscribed and run out early.hopes this helps... subzero58 free discount card

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