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My doctor wants me to take Celexa(citalopram) for anxiety, is this a smart move?

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Robert_325 27 Feb 2012

I wouldn't advise it unless you've been on it before. You're almost done with your taper. Why start an antidepressant now? I would not tell someone already on them to get off, but would not tell you to do this at the point you're at in your recovery. God bless.

dsac6060 27 Feb 2012

Thats what I was thinking Robert. I was scared to start something like that which would mess with my brain. I thought maybe since this was my primary doctor prescribing this that they might be a little more CONCERNED than my sub dr

Inactive 27 Feb 2012

Hello dsac6060. Celexa is not going to help you much as far as anixiety is concerned. Its more often than not prescribed as an antidepressant because thats how the drug was created, with depression as its target. It has little success if perscribed for anxiety alone. Best of wishes,pledge

Inactive 27 Feb 2012

hi dsac, celexa is for depression... doesn't help with anxiety, and it's a hard med to get off of so go with your gut on it.

Inactive 28 Feb 2012

Good morning... after reading all of the prior posts on this queston, shoot me if I am wrong, but your main problem is NOT depression? And why is your PCP pescribing psych meds to you? Okay, went for a quickly look on your profile page and I think I have a small grip on the situation. I don't believe that I would be putting anymore drugs than absolutely necessary in my body, especially right now. If I had medical issues needing to be dealt with quickly, I would talk to the doc I trusted he most. Celexa is not primarily for anxiety and any anxiolytic properties it may have would be minimal at most.
So, a one word to your question... NO.
Peace out bro and have a great day,
The Sweetest Happy Hippie Flippy Dippy,

Delila 28 Feb 2012

Hi, although I am apprehensive to suggest this, Diazepam has proven to treat anxiety very well. Myself & friends & acquaintances take them & they are very successful. The reason for my apprehension is that they can be addictive. If you have a history of addiction, dismiss this, but if you think you can stay safe/stick to the prescription, it would be worth a try. free discount card

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