Hello. I'm 23, female. When I was 21 I was in a car accident with a friend (friend was driving) and she rolled the car and totaled it. It was the worst accident I've been in. Right after I turned 22 I started having back and right leg pain... I went to the doctor who took an ex Ray and nothin came up on the x Ray that looked too 'unusual'. The doc prescribed me hydrocodone ( which worked for the first week and then stopped) so I went back... That next time I got a higher dosage of hydrocodone, and naproxen. These both have stopped working and my doc refuses to give me anything else, even after seeing a different doctor who wanted to give me oxyconde er and 10mg every 4-6 hrs for breakthrough pain as needed. Well, once they consulted with my pm doctor they decided to not change my mess after all... Because my pm is very against opioid meds for anyone, especially someone my age. How do I find a doctor who will give me a more invasive treatment and take my pain seriously??? I also have been working with a chiropractor for the last year and taking water aerobics... Help!!