I am usually very regular, but I have been constipated for a week now. I've tried miralax, senokot, and meta mucil with no luck. I went to an Urgent Care facility, where I was given an x-ray (after a LOT of hesitation from the doc). At first I was told by the tech I'd be getting two x-rays. Then, at the end she said she was actually going to take just one more a little higher.

Turns out I'm backed up. High. But only on one side. It appears that I am full up to my chest on just the right side. The doctor commented that it seemed strange but just said to keep taking two caps of miralax, fiber pills, and lots of water daily, like I already have been.

Shouldn't I be concerned that I am that full of feces? That seems like a ton to me and worries me. I've been very uncomfortable and have canceled plans this entire 4th of July weekend but she only seemed to care about discomfort from a more heavy duty medication... does it sound like a second opinion might be a good idea?

I decided to ignore the advice and drank a bottle of magnesium citrate. Never tried it before, but I'm hoping it will finally do the trick. It's been close to an hour and am not feeling anything yet, though.