Due to my liver count being abnormal my pain management doc decided to take me off Norco (been on it for 9 yrs) and give me OxyContin. I was only taking one 5mg Norco a day cutting it in half. But I had been on 7.5mg before that again always cutting in half. Ever since she changed to OxyContin I have been sick, feeling nauseated, headaches, no energy, can't sleep, very irritated, sore throat, runny nose, coughing.. I asked her if I'd have any side effects from switching, she said she didn't know. REALLY! That's hard to believe! She's a Pain Managenent doctor she she know EVERYTHING about pain meds. I am pretty pissed off right now because she should have told me what to expect and she could have weaned me off. I can't believe I am feeling this way just over 5mg.. I can't imagine how those that take 10 a day must feel. I am also on klonopin, adderall, ambien, and blood pressure meds.. I am tired of taking all this and I'm working on weaning off. First I have to get thru the Norco withdrawals. My question is since she switched me to 5mg OxyContin twice daily, I only take half of that, after I get clean from Norco will I have to go thru the same symptoms getting off OxyContin??? I can't deal with this again. If that's the case I'd ather stop taking OxyContin now, only been on it 2 weeks. I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!