... safe??? Won't go into all details as to reasons. Been one thing after another lately but I just wanna make sure this combo is ok for me.. Uppers and downers?! I read something somewhere about being careful with some if the meds I'm taking together which is cause for concern for me. Talwin nx 1 twice a day, adipex 37.5 once daily, klonopin 1 mg tid, PROZAC (that one seems to be the one) and finally Zanaflex twice daily. Some meds been on ( Prozac,klonopin) and had no issues but by docs adding all these I read something about "serotonin sendrome" Where you get like too much and could be dangerous. Just a worry wart and I hate taking these dang pills but circumstances I have to! Any advice or input especially any Nurses or Docs??? Thanks and God bless!!!