I have severe cervical disc degeneration, bone spurs, herniation , arthritis etc etc and am in plenty of pain.
At our MRI consultation yesterday the Doctor asked what medications I have tried - I brought the large Ziploc containing several bottlers of things I'd tried and either did nothing, made me ill, sleepy, logy etc.
In addition, my charts show that I am allergic to acetaminophen - which I reiterated in our meeting.
Anyway, My Doctor gave me an Rx for Ultracet and I checked it for ingredients and interactions.
Turns out Ultracet is Tramadol + acetaminophen. What's more, it contraindicated with another medication I take daily.
The only medication I have ever taken that has helped me function w/ making me ill or high is one of the "bogeyman" types that Drs won't prescribe. It's been over a year since I've had any of that one and I never even took the full daily amount so I'm clearly no drug addict but the Docs keep throwing all sorts of other Rx after Rx at me instead.
This Doc is from what is supposedly a top facility in my city and this is the care I get? I'm most likely going to have spine surgery soon and this really shook my confidence.
I'm frustrated on many levels and don't know what to do .
Thanks for letting me vent.