when i went to my pain doctor this month i saw a different one because carly was out sick.this doctor lowered all my meds and took my oxycodone from me and gave me tabs .changed my fentanyl patch from 75 to 50 mcg's and wouldn't give me my ultrams and didn't give me anything for really bad break through pain !as long as it kept me from being in pain i was ok but i'm really hurting ,my leg hurts as bad as before my surgeries on my back and my stomach is in knotts it's hurting so much!he did give my soma's ,saying they aren't addictive as carly said the were!

i'm now on blood pressure medamlodipine besylate 5 mg's and on something for depression bupropion hcl 75 mg's twice a day,and i'n on nerve med lorazepam0.5 mg's twice a day!

i'm wondering if my pain has caused all these changes in my body!been on them for two days now and i still cry at nothing of course pain is something big to me!

i don't know what to do !should i call my surgeon and tell him i am hurting awful bad ?are do i call pm and tell them i'm in awful pain!i've cried with the pain in my back that goes down my right leg !it burns ,aches ,has a lot of pressure and it's causing me trouble walking it's like that leg don't want to move right ,i almost fall!

i am so tired of hurting !though we had in control some what!and now i'm back where i started!but what am i to do i'm at the doctors mercy!!