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Would my doc give me this medication (symbicort) if he thought I had early signs of lung cancer?

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1 Sep 2012

Hello megan dahl. Yes. If you have any difficulty breathing for a variety of reasons be it because of cancer, COPD,or asthma a product such as Symbicort can be real aid to helping you. Regards, pledge

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1 Sep 2012

i have been on symbicort for a few years, and the specialist told me that i had early signs of empysma, did ur doc send you to a specialist, do u smoke, cause he or she should have told you, what it was for. make sure you rinse your mouth after each time u use your inhaler. there are quite a few side effects from this drug i found, but it does help. let me know, cuz like
i said it could be for a number of reasons that he put you on it. johnny

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1 Sep 2012

I totally agree with Pledges answer, but am wondering if he thinks you have early stage of lung cancer is this the only thing he is doing? Have you had any tests or any other treatment as of date? Just curious as I find it strange this would be your only treatment to open the bronchial airway with symbicort... Mary

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megan dahl 4 Sep 2012

hey i have had an xray, it was clear. i have stopped the symbicort. i have had a blood test just waiting for the results. i have been VERY worried that i have lung cancer because my mother passed away from it years ago. but my doc told me that its not hereditary and i should stop worrying. i gave up smoking a year ago. im still getting the chest pains but im thinking it might be something to do with my heart. im going back to the doc soon to talk to him about it.

Anonymous 5 Sep 2012

Your doctor is correct, it is not hereditary. Did your mother smoke too? Depending on the length of time you smoke & amount you could have COPD or many different things. I agree with your doctor not to be so scared, but it's wonderful that you are being proactive about your health. Did the symbicort help your breathing? If so, you really should continue with it. If you feel it could be a heart problem, then talk with your doctor about this too. There are lots of tests that prove or disprove your theory. Try to stay relaxed & go back to see your doctor if you are still having these problems... Mary

megan dahl 5 Sep 2012

thank you for talking to me about this, i really appreciate it. Yes my mother did smoke. I went through a stage of chest pains for about a week, that's when i had the xray. Then they went away!. then about a month after that i ended up in hospital with influenza. 2 weeks after i got better the chest pains come back, that was a week ago. I am feeling allot better today. It scares me soo much when i get the pains, they are pretty bad. I really have to find out what they are for my own sanity. Ill get to the bottom of it, im just going to concentrate on my health.

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