Due to 3 spinal cages in my lower back I have a scrip for 2 x Oxycontin OP 80 mg. My doctor changed my status to non-compliant yesterday saying my urine tested positive for oxycodone. I am so confused. I never take any medication other than what is prescribed to me and I thought oxycodone and oxycontin were the same anyway. The only thing I can think of is that I took half of an Oxy OP the other day to see if I could make it on 40 mg instead of 80 mg. I though the new OP's could no longer be abused and that breaking one in half would just mean a lower dose versus and rapid release of 40 mg. In addition, the 40 mg drastically increased my pain level so I know I did not get a rush of 40 mg. Can anyone please explain this to me? They are now making me come in every week instead of once a month and this is quadrupling my out of pocket co-pays. Plus they treated me like a criminal!!! The only change in my other meds is my GI Doc started me on Relistor for opiod induced constipation.