I refuse, I don't sleep but 4 hours within a day, I ask for sleeping pills, the medicine don't work cause I am not working with it, I fight my sleep and need to exercise, he's not trying to help give me a better diet, exercise, just more MEDS. He is angry and talk to me as if, just do what I say that's why, He never explain what side affects this increase would have on my heart beat.
Five years ago Diovan 320 made my heart rate beat tooooooo fast and I had chest pain, I ask to try different Pills, Diovan is the only pill I Had since I been diagnosed with high blood pressure, I started with 80/HCT and one aspirin a day, Aspirin cause stomach bleeding after long peorid of usage. Therefore I stop taking Aspirin about 4 years ago, I been on Blood Pressure pills since Oct 2005.
I decided to get Acupuncture and exercise, get on a sleep schedule and continuing to eat more fruits and vegetables, stay off Red Meat, drink plenty of water I will be fine in losing weight, I am 228 pds. Diovan makes my hair come out a big side affect, along with others that's not so bad. What you think?