Never had this happen before. Don't know what 2 do. I didn't know anything was wrong or he was in trouble. Called this am 2 make monthly appt. phone disconnected, office is cleared out. Went online 2 see if maybe he moved, died,whatever then saw article from local paper where he had his licence suspended on the 30th of March !! He has all my records from the last 14 yrs., knew not only medical but personal things in my life (which helped him understand my situation better) Was my Dad's doctor also before he died. He had no partners, never mentioned other doc's, no receptionist. Paper says patients was 2 get a registered letter telling us. I didn't. What am I supposed 2 do? I'm older,on disability, have chronic pain, sleep & depression problems,on medicare, have no med. records now, out of my meds... Didn't know his other patients so have no one to call. Looked for help on every website I knew but found nothing. I also know w/out my meds besides the pain & other problems hitting me so will w/d... that'll do me in !! Does anyone know how I go about finding another doc other than calling all them? I know a lot of his other pat.have 2 confused also. I live in the Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown area of Virginia..maybe a pat of his is also on here looking. TIA 4 any help or advice... I'm so very scared & worried if any doc. would take me esp since I was a pat of my doc that got into trouble? Thanks