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Do you think that stem cells would be a solution to all skin problems?

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doglover44 9 May 2011

Why not..I have hope that stem cells will some day become whatever our bodies need, but I don't claim to have a great knowledge or comprehension of the possibilities. I do want to tell you about my daughter's experience with accutane for acne if that interests you though. We should all let our representatives knowthat stem cell research is important to us if that is the case. I remember during the 50s and 60s how the technology we have today was just a Dick Tracy comic book topic and now reality. So anything you dream is probably possible. What about fire walks and commanding your feet not to burn? I participated in one and no burns after building a long walk of red coals. Mind over matter ... it can't hurt to think positive .

madhattersbash 9 May 2011

My husband is very into stem cell stocks and companies. He has spent the last couple of years researching them and investing--and he thinks that everything will eventually be cured/fixed with them!
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