Hi! So, I've completed a sleep study, and apparently it'll take up to two weeks before I get any results in. I have severe day time sleepiness, probably for the most part induced by the series of depressant medications that I take: 30mg Methadone, 3mg Klonopin, 300mg Tramadol, 100mg Pristiq, 8mg??? Minipress, 2mg Abilify (taken as needed), and 225mg Lyrica. I take these for fibro, anxiety (general, panic, and social), depression, SAD, and C-PTSD. I take 250mg of Nuvigil, and it just barely works for me durring the daytime. At night (past 8:00pm), not really. My question is, I know that the meds play a major role in all of this, however, when I fall asleep, the moment that I close my eyes, I'm out. I lay on my back, and don't more for the full 7.5 hours, according to my wife and the study. I also randomly fall asleep in the evening in the middle of doing tasks, only to wake up and find that I have been out for over an hour. I also get very week durring stressful events, have to sit down, and close my eyes. Without the Nuvigil, I'd fall asleep randomly durring the day with little or no warning. Do you think that it's Narcolepsy intensified by the meds, something else, or just a result of all the meds (which are going to be decreased and modified very very soon)?

I'm curious to hear your opinions!