My husband and I were diagnosed with scabies after our dermatologist did skin scrapings. The doctor has a lab in his facility so he could tell us the results while we were still there. He prescribed Stromectol - 6 pills a piece for my husband and myself and then 7 days later another 6 pills a piece. We took the 1st dose , cleaned up a bit and left in our motor home for 7 days. I still had some new break out and itching after the first dose. We just took the 2nd dose yesterday, came back home , left the motor home and now back in our house. I know the itching will go on for a few weeks but what about new bites, I think I see new bites on my hands. I have so many bites all over my body it is hard to tell if they are new or note.. I was just curious about how long new bites would appear or if they should appear at all after taking the pill? I will be going back to the doctor in a couple of weeks for another check up.