i was just started on suboxine 8 mg twice a day for chronic pain. i am an opiate addict, but have been off them for years. i have fibromyalgia, bilateral bursitis of hips, sciatica of my left leg, and four bulging cervical disks. my hip, neck, and leg pain have been unbearable for the past four nonths despite steroid injections, physical therapy, and accupuncture. i have come close to relapse several times because i just couldn't take the pain anymore. my dr. thought suboxine was a reasonable choice for pain relief and to help me prevent relapse.since starting it a few days ago, my pain after a few hours of the first dose is even more horrible than before-sometimes i can't even bear weight on my left leg. i've also had insomnia, sleeping only a couple hours a night. i addn, i have constipation and difficulty urinating. i feel much better for a few hours, but then it's hell. i'm afraid i've unleashed a monster by agreeing to take it. am i experiencing wd between doses and what do you suggest i do? will i experience a horrible withdrawal if i quit taking it after just a few days. i do not want to develop another dependence, but i just can 't live with this pain anymore. please respond soon. thank you.