What's your experience been? (Mine has not been good at pain clinics in the past so I'm leery.) The reason I ask is because my primary care physician says that because of the new legislation in Florida he won't be able to see me after this Fall. He says his office is not equipped to make the necessary changes the new laws require. He is referring me to a pain clinic.

I need to know if they will provide me with opioid medication therapy, as
I've already had every invasive procedure known to man and that didn't help. But I don't know if I should just ask the receptionist this question over the telephone, (and raise a red flag?) or make the 3 hour drive round trip to talk to the pain clinic doctor about long term opioid therapy in the form of a pre-consultation instead? (It's not easy making that trip! But I will if I must.)

I've read pain research that says that pain clinics on the whole don't provide opioid therapy. But with the new laws in Florida I don't know if I have a choice in seeing any other type of doctor.

Please tell me what your experience has been. And if you live in Florida I would love to hear from you. If your doctor is providing pain care and is not at a pain clinic I really need to hear from you as I'm new to Florida and don't know what to believe about these new laws. Maybe not all primary care doctors are turning pain patients away?

I SO prefer primary care physician types to handle my pain care. Mine was much more compassionate than any pain clinic I've visited.