I have A.D.H.D, O.C.D, Migranes, Stomicaches, Depression, and Anxity. i mean, why me?! im only 15! and on top of that, im probally going to have High Blood Pressure when im older because my mom has it, and my dad had it when he was alive.. Im on all these medications (Xanax, Maxalt, Adderall,) and i just got off of Amitriptyline. Maxalt dosent work for shit, im practiclly addicted to Xanax, i'v been on it so long. And im not even going to mention anything about the Adderall... I fucking HATE! my life. Im sure these "Conditions" are all connected in one way are another, and i just got expelled from my school 2 mounths ago, (Just like all my other schools (Expelled)). Because i was always getting in (Troble (fights, not following directions, and being disrespcetful to teachers.)) and had shitty grades (All F's). Thats because of my A.D.H.D. My mom still hates me because of that. If anyone knows anything about why this is happening, are if you know anyone that is going, are went though this, PLEASE TELL ME! (i NEED help with this ALOT!)