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Do you have to be withdrawing from Percocet to be able to take Suboxone without getting sick?

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Inactive 25 Apr 2011

Yes, you do. You will need to be in wd for about 24 hours before you can go on subs and not go into precipitated withdrawal. Precip occurs because of residual opiate on the receptor sites in the brain, the 2 meds ( subs, other opiate) will fight for the space on these sites, dropping both off the sites and causing horrible withdrawal.

toobadgirl 25 Apr 2011

Hi there, I second what Patti said. Yes you need to wait for your symptoms for me it was 20-30 hrs AFTER my last dose of opiate. i was at the point if i didnt take something every 24 hours at min then i got sick. i would say 48 hrs after you take the percocet you can start the subs.

BRRMARS 25 Apr 2011

i was inpatient rehab for three week getting of fentnaly, norco, and other drugs, and they had me wait go through 3 days of withdraws. at least i was inpatient though, so they could give me other stuff to help me with withdrawls, bur for me it was 3 days.

LaurieShay 25 Apr 2011

Hey billcraig,

There is a series of questions called the COWS scale (clinical opiate withdrawal scale) that you can google. Answer these questions honestly and when you score at least a 26 you are safe to take the Suboxone. This is usually around the 24th hour after taking the last dose of short acting opiate.
It is best to be under a doctor's care while starting the Suboxone program.

Best wishes,


LaurieShay 25 Apr 2011

Hey billcraig,

I reread the directions for starting Suboxone and want to share the following:

Short-acting Opioids
(Heroin, Crushed OxyContin®, Percocet®,
Vicodin®, Oxycodone and others)
Prior to induction, patients must abstain
from all short-acting opioids for 12 to 24
hours and/or have objective withdrawal
symptoms sufficient to produce a score
of 5 to 24 on the COWS.1
Long-acting Opioids
OxyContin® (Taken Orally)
Discontinue use for at least 24 hours prior
to induction. A minimal score of at least 5
on the COWS is recommended, although
some physicians prefer scores of 15 or higher.

Just wanted to be as explicit as possible. To get the questions and these instructions go to:​flow_sheet.pdf

Good luck,

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