I'm on a low income and need to take risperidone. I hear voices and they really really affect my ability to function as I use to in a normal daily life. I work with other people plus the public. I'm a Front office Adminisitrator. I work with the computer, and the public and work associates. I'm hearing voices inside my head and I also think other people are saying too. I've been told this is all in my head by my dr.. The doc has perscribe risperidone to me along with anxiety Clonazepam (which I can afford) the Clonazepam). So far he has upped the mg. dosage to 4mg on the risperidone. The pharmacy is way out of my budget. If I can't afford to take this drug I will loose my mind and I will drive my family crazy thinking they said something they did not. Or even my colleagues at work or the patients we see. I have to work for a living and don't want to loose my job over this either. If you have a plan for people in my postion, would you please take me into consideration. Thank you Footsie