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Do woman have hair thinning severely? Also, is it permanent from LIthium?

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Princess22008 14 Jan 2012

I had severe hair loss while I was on Lithium. I was told to take Folic Acid to help it. I had to put a hair trap in the tub to catch it all. I have noticed that since they took me off of it that my hair is not as thin. I had to come off of it due to severe itchiness.

smithmalone 19 Jan 2012

Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate you and the information you shared to myself and everyone.

babyr0423 14 Jan 2012

Dear smithmalone,
I have heard of it happening with Lithium. I know I was on Lamictal and lost hair while I was on it. I don't think it should be permanent though. Mine wasn't anyway. Good Luck to you. Ruth

smithmalone 19 Jan 2012

babyr0423 - Thank you very for caring to reply to my question. I am grateful for your kindness. Experienced shared by one person to another can really take fear and the unknown away. For this, I am grateful. Thank you.

babyr0423 19 Jan 2012

You are most welcome. I am here to help anytime I can. Ruth :)

smileyhappy 14 Jan 2012

Hi Smithmalone,
That's funny, I'm on Lithium and didn't know that. I do loose my hair especially when I wash it and dry it. I'm hypothyroid but on meds. So I guess it's the Lithium then. That's too bad because I'm going to be on this med the rest of my life. It works well for me. I guess I will be balding sooner. Ha! Ha!

cetteferge 15 Jan 2012

Hi Smiley - Just wanted to tell you that my hypothyroid caused me to lose hair, not so much on my head, but on my legs & on my eyebrows, of all places! The ends of my eyebrows are all but gone! You can't really tell, but the best thing of all is that I don't have to shave my legs anymore! HA. :)

smithmalone 19 Jan 2012

Thank you very much for your reply. I appreciate you and the information you shared with myself and and so many others. I am new to this med and scared to death. I am newly diagnosed and really trying to be responsible and improve my life for me and for others who love me. I am very blessed to have a person like yourself and Princess 20008 to speak out and help someone you do not know like myself. Thank you for your kindness.

ElizaJane23 15 Jan 2012

I didn't lose my hair while on Lithium, but I have from some other medications, and I always do after a surgery - at times it has been a lot! I've always had it grow back. In the past year my hair has thinned quite a bit - I believe because of menopause. It has thinned all around my face, which I understand is hormonal. Hopefully yours while grow back now that you are no longer on the Lithium. - ElizaJane

smithmalone 19 Jan 2012

DlizaJane23. Thanky you for your time and reply. All the answers helped and I am so thankful for your time and care to respond. There is no words for such kindness from yourself and others who took time to answer. I really appreciate you. Again, thank you so very much. free discount card

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