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Do Wellbutrin Sr treat GAD and SAD ?

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sweetpea602 28 Sep 2011

I take Wellbutrin for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), but I'm sure it could be used for SAD. SAD is an anxiety disorder, but it is treated with light theraphy, diet and exercise!! I am sure there is a medicine for SAD... I hope this helps!!! Sweetpea

dream2727 29 Sep 2011

Your answer help alot b/c I was worried that my pdoc was treating me for depression and leaving my anxiety (GAD) untreated. I really could not get an straight answer if it treated (GAD). I knew for a fact that it treated depression and help smokers stop smoking.

I am thankful for the mood boost but was just really worried about my anxiety. Today she is starting me on Wellbutrin XL 150mg once a day. I just did one month of Wellbutrin Sr 100mg once a day, I am feeling a little better.

Thank you so much you gave me some hope.

Hannah1961 30 Sep 2011

I took Wellbutrin 400mg SR for 9 mons. All I did was gain weight and cry. I took it for PTSD and bipolar1. My Dr fortunatly is good with working with me. I was origanally on lamictal which made me nearly violent. Now we are trying lexapro and abilify. I feel calmer so far. I haven't been suicidal since I've been trying to find a good combination of meds (1 1/2 yrs). Just be patient, Good luck

dream2727 2 Oct 2011

Thanks Hannah1961

I have been feeling much better for these last few days,so I think the WB is working b/c I have had little to none anxiety. I have gain a lot of weight which is a big problem. I find myself wanting to eat all day none stop, I did mention this to my pdoc and she really didn't say anything. Im starting on WB 150mg once daily in two day.

I tried Lexapro and I could not get pass the third day of SEs but some people say that lexapro is a very good med. If I do have to switch med and Im going to give Lexapro another try.

I now see that PATIENTS is key when dealing with these med. Thanks.

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