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Do we know the long term effects from taking speed for years:?

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suzanne66 27 Mar 2011

Over the long term, a person who uses amphetamines (speed) regularly will find that the short-term side effects of using the drug are exaggerated. The following are examples of the side effects of amphetamine use that may become more noticeable over time:
Blurred vision
Elevated heartbeat
High blood pressure
Lack of appetite
Rapid breathing
As the drug use continues and the individual doesn't eat properly, he will start to experience the consequences of malnutrition and lack of sleep. He is more susceptible to becoming ill because of poor overall health.

A severe effect of long-term speed use is amphetamine psychosis. This type of mental illness can appear very similar to paranoid schizophrenia.
Vivid auditory hallucinations and paranoid delusions are the real frighteners . This is a very real mental state caused by over-excitement of the brain's fright centers.
Its effects often start with curiosity, deep thought, and paranoia. Its slow buildup makes it all the more dangerous, as it is harder to recognize the symptoms.
Some users become obsessed and get into activities like, ironing or scrubbing floors through the night, or dismantling and reassembling electrical equipment. free discount card

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