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Do vioxx have hydrocodone in it?

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nucproff 13 Dec 2011

Vioxx isn NSAIDS, aspririn containing medication. FYI: It was withdrawn from the market in I believe 2004, maybe sooner, due to the severe, deadly reaction by so many patients. Merck was fined hughely, and pulled all the product from the shelves, it is no longer available to the public due to the toxcity of the drug, and the interactions, and so many fatalities associated with the medication Vioxx. I strongly urge you, DO NOT TAKE, especially if it is not prescribes for/to you. It is old, it is dangerous, it has no hydrocodone properties associated with it, it is no longer available in the USA period. You can have a heart attack, or stroke from the use of the medication, this is not a joke, or a med to be messing around with.
Vioxx was originally prescribed for the debilitating form of arthritis, rheumotoid and joint pain and swelling associated with severe arthritis, it is not a regular pain medication prescription. My suggestion is throw it away, flush in the toilet, take it back to the pharmacy let them discard of it, get the money back what ever you have to do. Vioxx is illegal, and not allowed in the United States. Remember, NSAIDS are aspirin containing products, so don't mix other aspirin/NSAIDS together for your own health and well being.
Take care and caution
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