I cut my dose into three today, like I often do.
Well, when I tried to cut one of them in fell into pieces. Of course, it had been in my mouth for around 20 seconds by the time I walked out of the drug store and was able to take it out and put it in a container.

What I am asking is this. I saw the many small pieces and have read how some or many who are at the end of tapering and ready to jump off sub take teeny-tiny pieces of their sub for a period of time until they make the jump.

Now, my teeny-tiny pieces were from an 8mg. pill.
How much help does a teeny-tiny piece of a 2mg. pill help? Does it really help? Is part of the 'help' a more of a emotional security blanket, so to speak?

I'm not be judgmental here. I hope you all know that. Even if it is that and that alone, I'm all for it. Really, whatever gets one through the night.
But would 1/4 or 1/8 of a 2mg pill really help physically?
I would like to hear from anyone who wishes to chime in, and I hope I get some responses from those who have or are doing that now.

been a long day,
will be back on tomorrow!
love and wishes and prayers to all!