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Do these hydroxysine work like klonipin?

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oxyaaron 25 Nov 2010

no it works more like benedryl

i have INTENSE panic attacks and i only get 2,5mg.valium a day.its not enough and do not know where to turn,HELP!!!

oxyaaron 26 Nov 2010

just tell your doctor that

my ex,is the one that got me almost cut off.he beat me,he started fires,he had CONSTANT CHAOS allthe time. i am not with him no more,im married.BUT anyway,that jerk found out what dr. i was going to and called the drs office,& said i was selling my valium.I TOLD THE DR. THAT I WOULD TAKE A LIE DETETECTER TEST & that i would NEVER sell my valium.but the dr. WILL NOT LISTEN TO ME.ITS NOT FAIR.THE DR. HED ME ON FOUR a day,and now has me on 2 a day.and i cant handle these intense panic attacks.

oxyaaron 27 Nov 2010

find a new doc, and that sounds simple but sadly, its not but that is wat you need to do and if its that bad then go to the ER

i tried getting a new dr. i had the appt. and everything,then they called 3 days before my appt.,saying that they did not want to take over what my dr. was doing. my ex has ruined my name ,even at my gynecoligest,he was going behind my back,calling my dr.s trying to get pain pills,cause he was hooked on them.he even got his own grandma cut off her dr.,by calling in pain pills,and going to the pharmacy to get them,and walked out without paying for them.the cops were gonna arrest his grandma! its not easy finding a dr.,with the damage he has done to my name.I REALLY AM LOST.

oxyaaron 28 Nov 2010

find christineatu or pattishan or maso4169 they will be able to offer you more advice as they are more experienced than me sorry i couldnt be of more help

are they on

oxyaaron 29 Nov 2010

yes just look through the members or post a new question free discount card

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