I am a female age 45.I have started taking cymbalta 3 weeks ago for depression and chronic back pain.I started on 60mg a day but after only 1 week ,was very nauseated so my doctor put me on 30mg a day.After going on a couple of the internet sites about this drug,I decided to stop it before I get too dependant on it.I made it to day 4 cold turkey after taking it for just over a week.omg,I have not felt that kind of pain in my back in a very long time,I cryed,I became very angry that I was in such pain,still crying,I started taking the 30mg cymbalta and I took 200mg celebrex.I was desparate to get rid of the pain and this very strange angry feeling,almost a rage,it scared me a lot.That is not like me.
This drug is great at releving my pain.The side effects I have are constipation and very decreased libito.I am very frustrated at not being able to obtain an orgasm.My question is do the sexual side effects go away or at least deminish?I can live with the rest but not with the sexual side effects,is there something that will help with the sexual side effects?