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Do the infamous zanex bars come in any strength other than 2 mg?

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bipolar4life 17 Apr 2011

hi i just looked up the images of the xanax they do come in higher and lower doses and are all scored so u can split them. i dont know what it goes up to though looked and looked but u can break thenm all like in half or so'
hope this helped hon lol janymak

LaurieShay 17 Apr 2011

Hey texzen,

Nope, they are 2 mg bars. There is Xanax in lower and higher doses but not in bars.

Chris Kliewer 6 Jan 2018

There are actually some types of bard that you can order online that are 4mg in strength..

Chris Kliewer 6 Jan 2018

Bars... sorry

caringsonbj 17 Apr 2011

it comes in 0.25mg. 0.5,g. 1mg. 2mg bar like you mentioned) then it comes in 2 and 3mg extended release tablets. but the 2mg bar is the only thing that comes like it then they switch to an extended release form. I hope this is of help to you

Mensch 18 Apr 2011

"Infamous?" I've taken Xanax (& generic) at rather high doses for quite some time (although I am off them now and using clonazepam) but I have never gotten any type of "buzz" or side effect except reduction of anxiety and occasionally sleepiness. But a panic attack will wear you out pretty good too so I don't really know what made me sleepy.

I've never understood why Xanax would be a popular street drug nor why people act loopy after taking it in movies and such. I have always just supposed that people who actually need the medication don't get a "buzz" from it. I have known several patients that were at least psychologically addicted to Xanax, but I have never spoken to anyone that found taking them recreational in the least (except online and in fiction.)

Chris Kliewer 6 Jan 2018

People take Xanax recreationally all the time here, where I live. They mix Xanax, and opioids, to get high, and I have to admit, the combination works very well. free discount card

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