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Do pills expire? If I have something from 2003 is it still good?

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Anonymous 5 Aug 2010


All medications have an expiry date,meaning they expire on the date that the packaging label states, if yours expired 7 years ago of course you CAN NOT TAKE THEM AT ALL.- AND NO THEY ARE NOT GOOD.-THROUGH THEM AWAY.-

Take care.-

Anonymous 5 Aug 2010

Medications with Tylenol or acetaminophen should be tossed after their expiration date because the acetaminophen gets stronger and would be very bad for your liver. I can't remember what other medications get stronger the older they are but you could contact a pharmacist for that info.

lindagail1965 5 Aug 2010

no they are not good ... please throw them away properly (not in the toilet)i throw meds away if there not used in 24 months

arcanoidcyst16 6 Aug 2010

I would either go to the pharmacy and let them dispose of them or throw them away.The FDA considersdrugsthat have expired UNSAFE and are no longer considered EFFECTIVE or lost it's potency after that date.I wouldn't take them personally or would advise you to.I hope I have helped you out.If you have anymore questions you can either PM me or reply to my comment.

christineATU 6 Aug 2010

As all the answers indicate, please do not use them past the expiration date. As Pattis said, some meds become more dangerous when out dated. I heard some where the best way to dispose of old meds is to return them to the pharmacy.

christineATU 6 Aug 2010

Oh yea, I heard it from the answer right above mine mine!

christineATU 6 Aug 2010

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