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Do Pharmisists have the right to override a Dr.s perscription instructions?

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Patrick916 15 Apr 2011

Technically yes. There are a few reasons they can which are: they can think you are abusing them or diverting them, that you have been Dr. shopping and just picked up another script for them recently or if your Dr. recently canceled it or if he just got into trouble and is now under an audit by the DEA like many Dr.'s are now this year.

jporter 15 Apr 2011


Okay, but can you provide the document that gives a pharmacist the right to over ride the Dr.s orders? Or, I can look myself.

Patrick916 15 Apr 2011

If you have the written copy, you could override him. I would just take it to another pharmacy though and let them know they lost my business every month.

DzooBaby 15 Apr 2011

Different states have different policies and regulations. Go to the website of your state's Board of Pharmacy. Just google it. I live in Az and here is a link to my states refill policy. It gives some of the rights of a pharmacist in judging whether or not to fill but you should look up your own state's rules and regs.

jporter 16 Apr 2011

I did just as you suggested. I found a wealth of information. What I would like to know is, who writes these legal documents just from a bill passed by congress, either federal or state (small caps on purpose). I believe that these people are not elected to the office of document writer, so why the hell should they have any authority concerning what I put in my body. /anyway, I found my answer. Thank all ya'll. free discount card

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