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Do people take Adderall for weight loss?

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Inactive 23 Aug 2010

No, adderall treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is also used to treat narcolepsy. It is an amphetamine, which is abused by many people.-

loss of appetite (anorexia)--- common side effect of any stimulant!

Take care.-

polly545 23 Aug 2010

Hey! Well back in the 70s or so there was a medication like adderal, people called them benies. Docs perscribed it for lots of stuff like to help with energy, to help with depression and yes also for weight loss, but not today it is strickly for adhd but people do abuse it for the wrong reasons and yea it will make people lose weight.

oxyaaron 24 Aug 2010

adderalwill make you lost weight but most professionals use phentermine an amphetimine like stimulant

rawboots 16 Sep 2010

taking adderall to lose weight is not good. If you are serious about losing weight and are obese, there is a med called adipex. generic name is phentermine. NOT phentramine or phenhermine ! It is the no. 1 med for losing weight in the good ol US of A. Research it
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