So I have been prescribed Norco for dental work and I noticed that I have a left over script from when I had my daughter for lortab. I have the same amount of lortab left as what is being prescribed norco. Trying to save money because I have no insurance and the dental work itself was RIDICULOUS w/o insurance I was wondering if they both are the same. The hydrocodone ratio is the same altho the tylenol is a bit higher but isn't a problem because the dentist said I can take a tylenol with the script and it equates right (so I wont be over doing the tylenol). My question is due to my employer doing a good bit of randoms at that moment I don't want to be messed up by taking something that won't metabolize the same way. I have always been told that hydrocodone is hydrocodone and all the fancy names (lortab, vicodin, norco, etc) are the brand names but it is all the same with different tylenol amounts. Anyone know if this is true? My employer knows about my dental work and knows I would be prescribed something for the pain but I want to be on the said of caution and the fact that I don't have insurance yet and I am BROKE from the dental work. Any help is much appreciated.