I have been on Subutex for over 5 years at a high dose. I am scheduled to have a high tibial osteotomy in 4 days. My sub doc said I should stop the Subutex several days before so the pain meds will work. I plan on not going back on the Subs after the surgery, I will be taking a narcotic for a short time as this is a very painful procedure. I have been wanting to get off the subs for awhile but can't take the withdrawals. I am scared to death to not take my Subs, if I take a dose in the morning by the afternoon I start having symptoms of withdrawals. I know the half-life is at least 37 hrs but this is how it's always been for me. I had arthroscopic knee surgery a yr & a half ago. I took my prescribed 32mgs as I usually would. The surgery went fine & I was prescribed Tramadol for post-op. The 1st dose I took I actually felt the effects of that med but then I took a Sub & after that never felt anything. I guess my question is do I absolutely have to stop my Subutex or can I just take it as usual but just not take any after surgery? Maybe lower my dose for the last 2 days? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!