For the past 3 nights I wasnt able to fall asleep until 4am-5am.I got to bed at around 1 or 2 am at the lastest and i lay there doing nothing until the time I do fall asleep.I dont fell like I fall into a deep sleep.After I do wake its like 6am and i do try to go back to sleep but i basically lay there til 10am and then I give up.I take lasix and k-dur for leg swelling,ranitidine for heartburn and Vitamin d supplement.Im 24 years old and im obese waiting for gastric bypass surgery.My head has also been hurting and my eyebrow has been twitching.I called my pcp and she told me to wait until i go see my phyciatrist(maybe spelled wrong)to get any help or meds.I couldnt get an appt until sept 2.I dont think I can go any longer without a good nights sleep.Sept 2 is way to far away for me to not getting much sleep at all.My biggest fear is that I have a brain tumor or something!Im soooo tired!I even tried benedryl but it only made me more tired and agitated that i couldnt get to sleep.PLEASE HELP!!! Thank u