Neuronton-800>@3x a day
Hydrocodone apap 7.5/750 ES 3x a day as needed for pain
Adderall 10mgx 1 1/2 tablets twice a day for drowsiness
Citalopram 20mg @ bed
Clonazepam .25mg 3x a day as needed for stress and anxiety
Robaxin for muscle relaxer
Miralax as needed constipation
6 vitamins including, vitamin c, caltrate 600, folic acid, b12, a women's one a day. I am a RX any better choices ??? HELP??? MY fibromyalgia doctor said mine is 75% crippling... I can't just jump out of bed gotta eat a gabapentin then get up and walk with aide of a wall or something till my feet quit hurting and tinglin. I literally walk on tip toes. I get bad migraine mainly at nite.