I have mononucleosis. In the beginning stages of my illness, I had 5 days of agonizing headache and neck stiffness. This went away as my illness progressed though. 2 weeks later I fainted, and due to my body jerking around while it happened, they did an EEG. It came back normal. In the hospital they did an ECG, physical exam, neurological exam, and blood work. All they found was mono. I got sent to a neurologist who did a more extensive neurological exam and he looked at the info sent to him from the hospital and he told me he isn't concerned and that I'm totally normal, just sick and dehydrated.

But this headache was excruciating at the beginning. My neck hurt upon moving it side to side. I could do it, but it felt really sore/stingy. The doctors seemed to not be worried about this, but I read that encephalitis is a complication of mono and severe headache/neck stiffness as well as loss of consciousness are symptoms.
Is it possible I have encephalitis with my mono?