I am prescribed beta blockers at the moment for anxiety. I have been prescribed xanax before for anxiety and panic attacks as well which worked way better than the beta blockers, but my new doctor didn't want to prescribe me xanax because I have history of drug use. I recently ruptured my spleen and had to have emergency surgery to have it removed, it was really crazy and I almost died. Anyways I'm still having issues with muscle pains in my stomach, when I cough, when I'm driving or working all day etc. Benzos treat both anxiety and muscle aches, so I could just request that type of medicine to save money as I don't want to have to pay to see a pain management doctor too? I'm going back to my psychiatrist in a couple days and was just seeing anyone's opinion on what my chances are, because it makes sense but I know doctors are weary about prescribing benzos, or if you have any advice on what to say or request. thanks!