I was diagnosed as schizophrenic as well as bi polar, within a few months, back in 1983. (However it is not thought that I am now, or ever have been, schizophrenic). I have been taking Lithium carbonate, within the therapeutic range, for over 20 years. I have still had several episodes although the last 3 were separated over 19 years, ('92, 2000, 2009). I display several side effects of lithium. Acid reflux, rashes, hypothyroidism, altered libido, the latest being hyperglycaemia. Frankly, I'm sick of taking Li and would undergo a controlled withdrawal, before it does my kidneys as well!!! I have what seems like a supportive medical supervisory team on board, but there is not only myself to consider. My wife is registered blind and is afraid that she will be failed if help is required. I am at a xroads and need a bit of help?