My DH has been addicted to Pain pills for many years. When he had a good job he spent up to $1000 mthly on internet pills. He lost his job in 2008 and works very hard at 3 jobs now. He will always have pain from pancreatitis and Type 1 diabetes. He goes a couple mths saying he is clean, then his Dr will finally give him an RX for percocet and he takes 35 the first 24 hr period. He says he is ok cause he takes them 2 every 2 hours so he is only dbling the dose. I am so scared he will die. I almost lost him Nov 2009. It was so scary and awful, but I was releived I thought now everyone will know and I won't have to hide it anymore. Didn't work that way. I want to call his Dr, but I am afraid when he really needs something for pain he won't be able to get it. Is telling his Dr the right thing?