i been on seaonique birth control for over 6 months now and it makes me very moody after 20 minutes after taking it everyday. my doctor told me i can mix the anti - depressant (risperdone) with my birth control (seasonique) , but when i took it all together , i had crushing chest pains and could barely breathe. i take the risperdone 2'x a day at 12:00 afternoon time and i take at 6:00 i take my birth control in between the risperdal i take it at 4:00 anfternoon time. i been told many times that it can be mixed , 3 doctors i asked allsaid it can be mixed. i only took it all together once cause the risperdal at the normal time 12;00 and then the birth control at 4;00 like i do allways. i could not even take the 6;00 dosage of the risperdone cause my cheast was hurting so bad. i layed in bed crying from the pain , it felt like somebody kicked in between my cheast with a steel toe boot. if ANYBODY know/ have info about this , i would be MORE then happy to know whats going on. cause i need to take both medications in in order to function normaly in daily life!! thank u very muchQ!