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Do any other women out there suffer from menstrual migraines and how do you deal with them?

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suzanne66 9 Jul 2009

There are many sufferers out there! You need to visit your Doctor there are some great medicines available which will change your life!

Just Luz 27 Jan 2010

I used to suffer from menstrual cramps, and migrains, my doctor treated me with vitamin b12 shots, and after a few months, I got much better. It worked for me.

DJanaeP 23 Mar 2011

I have HORRID menstrual migraines... They start about 4 days before my period and don't let up until I get it... my ability to speak clearly is even affected... they have tried continuous Birth Control and that didn't work so well for me... but it has for a lot of peeps so you might want to ask your doc about that ;) I have had such a battle... am seeing a specialist in a couple of weeks...

Vitimin B12 that's a new one... I wonder if I try the oral if that would help... Is that something taken daily?

robo 9 Jul 2009

I remember Serena Williams was involved with a campaign for menstrual migraine some years back. Here is the press release...

Serena Williams Launches 'RALLY for Menstrual Migraine' Campaign With Endo Pharmaceuticals

First Menstrual Migraine Website Announced -

BeavisMom62 22 Aug 2009

Frova is a wonderful triptan. It offers relief for many people. At work, we also recommend that a menstrual migraine sufferer take an NSAID (we usually recommend Mobic) for two days before, then during and two days after your period. Sounds simple but lots of people get relief from this regimen.

Inactive 23 Aug 2009

Hi there, yes I suffer from menstrual and cervical migraines for the last 8 years. The triptans unfortunaly do not work for me-i have tried everyone and be to several neurologists who all think they have the answer. This summer had to go to hospital twice for my migraines-they give me a hard time, ask me how do i know its a migraine, i just want to jump off the table but have no energy to argue with them. the only thing that works for me is dilulitid iv, magnisum iv. But it is so hard to get anybody to understand pain is pain. They don't want to treat migraines with narcotics but its the only thing that works for me. Good luck and i hope u find something that works for you. i really can sympathize with u.

heidihoe 9 Oct 2009

Wow! I went to ER a week or so ago with what seemed like a common migraine and because I had a slight fever/temperature they were reluctant to acknowledge it was a migraine (first one I've ever had). They gave me a drug in the IV called chlorpromazine an anti-psychotic!!! And said they didn't think it was a migraine! It took it away 90% of the headache but I have had a headache (mild) ever since. It is 6 to 7 days since I left ER. I felt like they said sit down you mad crazy woman while we sedate you, and send you on your way! I'm so... angry I wasn't treated well and listened to.

Inactive 9 Oct 2009

Has anyone found out if there is a link to endometriosis and migraines?? I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago(kept my ovaries) it has lessend my migraines but they still last for several days-i know when one is coming and sometimes it takes a week til it comes on full force-i can take all the advil i want and it still doesn't stop it from coming-but it still scares me because i know what to expect and there isn't anything i can do to stop it... and as for the endometriosis i have had several laproscotic surgies-it helps for a few months then the pain is back. Just checking to see if there is anyone out there that has both like me. I feel for all that suffer from migraines-no one truly understands unless they have had one. At least that is how i feel when i have to go to the er. I am glad the triptans work for alot of you... it helps to know others are out there going through similar things...

Inactive 23 Aug 2009

Birth control pills seemed to make me have menstrual migraines and I backed up the pills by a day so I would have the migraine on my off day. Alot of foods have nitrites that make migraines more frequent and worse in terms of pain. Read up on migraines and adjust your diet and it will at least lessen the pain. If you are on the pill, you may be able to switch to another type and lessen them. Maxalt did work for me, but, I was one of the rare ones who had a reaction. I still would rather have a migraine than get pregnant unexpectantly. Talk to you pharmacist and see what BCP has the least incidence of migraine. Elavil also helped lessen my migraines and it is cheap when you get the generic for it. Hope this helps, i feel your pain!

doxipups 4 Sep 2009

I definitely have cycle migraines. I have it narrowed down to the day. My strategy is to take an Imitrex or Axert the night before and 2 when I wake up then repeat. This is usually effective. The important thing is not to mix the triptans and make sure I stick with whichever one I started out with.


leelee 11 Sep 2009

OMG--- I have cramps BAD every single month and thought I'd tried everything to kill that extreme eye-popping headachey feeling,along w/ the awful pressure in my stomach... Vicodans and Norco's won't even help.But since I started taking the simple over the counter Midol or Pamprin.There is something in those that even takes the bloating off me.And within a few hours.
They won't take ALL the symptoms away ... but they sure knock out the worste part.
Hope this helps.

mojo1112 12 Sep 2009

Maxalt has helped me and I've tried a few.

vikefantam 17 Sep 2009

After working in the medical field for over 20 years, I've noticed quite a bit. Two things that stand out are that migraines tend to intensify in females during menstruation and seizures (if you have a seizure disorder) also increase during menstruation. I have no idea why this is and would love to find out. I often wonder if hormones play a big role.. I used to have terrible irritable bowel syndrome - not to be confused with the Terrible Towel Syndrome - LOL - can you tell I'm psyched that the NFL season is back? I had chronic daily diarrhea - and often, just by chewing one mouth of food without even swallowing it, I was headed for the bathroom). I ended up with a uterine prolapse 2 years ago at age 40 and and not long after my hysterectomy, my IBS went away.

heidihoe 9 Oct 2009

Wow! I have an irritated bowel, just had my first migraine a week ago. After a bad period 3 days of pain before and a full day of pain when it arrived. It has become more heavy and painful as I have gotten older now 39. I'm also sufferring thyroid cancer and palladromic(not spelt right) rheumatoid arthritis I'm sure it is all inter related, with hormones, immune system, etc. It is very interesting how the inflamation with my arthritis could be linked to the period and migraine?? I have had diarrhoea and headaches for years but now they are getting much worse. It is so interesting to read other peoples takes on things, maybe I can stumble across something that helps.

WotV 4 Oct 2009


DJanaeP 23 Mar 2011

I'm so envious that works for you!!!

maryhill 8 Oct 2009

I have menstrual migraines since I was 16 year old. I usually take paracetamol but later switch to ibuprofen. Take the drug as soon as you feel the pain, so always bring the med with you. A week before your monthly period, do some aerobic exercises like walking, biking, swimmings or hit the gym. Always check your blood pressure to rule out that the cause of your pain is hypertension. Talk to other migraine sufferer or let others know your condition so they will know what to do during the migraine attack.

hertsandbucks 8 Dec 2009

Yes I have suffered with them and the best thing I ever did was visit my GP. Since i began being given meds for those migraines, medication has advanced a lot, and what they have to offer now is so much better. I have a script for 6 tablets called naratriptan. The GP says to take one on the onset of the headache, this drug for me is a real wonder, as it works really fast clears the migraine and makes me feel fit to work or go out and do what ever I want to do with no problem. Where as with some meds you can feel sleepy and all you want to do is stay away from noise light etc, and days are lost because of this. This drug is one of a family of meds for migraine, so if one does not help there are others that will. They also use on some occasions Beta blockers to cure migraines, they even have ways to prevent these kind of headaches before they begin when it is hormonal , so get help from your GP, its well worth it, to get your life back and not waste time every month feeling so ill you cant do any thing but rest. Good luck, hope it helps you too.

2kids8490 9 Jan 2010

I have had migraines since I was 13 and I am now in my 40's. Within the past 2 years, my migraines have seem to exploded. They have gotten worse and worse which in turn, I had to apply for SSDI (which was approved to my surprise). But I do see an excellent migraine specialist doctor in my area. We started a different kind of migraine diary and noticed that my migraines would be super intense during my periods. So he told me to start taking 1/2 Maxalt and 2 Aleve everyday starting about 5 days before I am due to start. I do believe that this past month (December) was probably the first month that I didn't have more than 16 migraines in a month. So I am not sure if the above regimine helped with that but I was averaging 16-22 migraines a month. I am so pleased that last month was such a minimum amoun, it makes me believe that there is a light at the end of tunnel and I may start being well enough to eventually start working again.

blueirene8 15 Jan 2010

I suffered from menstrual migraines as well as regular migraines, so my doctor just had me skipping my period via OCP (birth control). It worked very well. I had to have a hysterectomy in 2005 for endometriosis, but I still got horrific migraines, they just had no regularity. I now take 200 mg Topomax and 400 mg vit B2 as preventatives and that is working very well (I've been doing it for about 4 months & had only 2 migraines). It took me a while to find the right doctor & the right balance of preventative medication, but once you do it's great! Prevention is the key, I think. Best of luck!

fetty 27 Jan 2010

I'm not sure of your age but, yes I use to suffer migraines and major cramping. I had a procedure done where they thinned my uterus lining I know longer have my period or any of the effects that came along with it.

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