First off,a little about me. I'm 27, have horribly long and extremely heavy periods. A long time ago when I was 15 , i was diagnosed with pmdd. I was given zoloft to help with my pmdd, it didnt seem to help and it also raised my bp. I was also given birth control to help with it, but my body can not tolerate any birth control. Went from having 2 1/2 week periods to 1 1/2 month periods. I havent been on any since november. My pms is so bad that i start bawling for no reason, or become very agitated over the smallest things, also I hurt extremely bad(cramping, bloating , migraines , extreme lower back aches, it hurts my breasts for my bra to touch them, also i get diarrhea )The symptoms start up to 2 or 3 wks before my menstrual cycle. I'm thinking about having my dr put me back on cymbalta, cause my mood swings are insane. Is this normal?Does anyone else have pms this bad?