I am allergic to dust mites and grass pollen. As a consequence of this I suffer with a number of complaints the most problematic and persistent of which is Rhinitis. Over the last year this has got worse along with my asthma. Over the years I have tried numerous different medications. I currently take Desloratadine tablets (I have been taking this for about 7 years) and Fluticasone aqueous nasal spray (I moved on to this in the last year having previously tried Nasonex) for my Rhinitis and Singulair Tablets, Salbutamol Inhaler and Seretide Inhaler for my Asthma. About 3 years ago I had the tissue in my nose tissue trimmed which provided some temporary relief. I have recently been told by the ENT consultant at the Hospital that there is nothing further they can do for me and that there is no point in me attending the clinic again. As I now suffer not just general discomfort but significant facial pains due to my Rhinitis and have recently had to take an increasing amount of time off work this news was not welcome. I have asked my nurse practitioner to refer me for a second opinion which she is in the process of arranging. I was wondering however if any of you have any suggestions as to options and avenues which may be available to me.