Ok, So ive just recently changed ALL my meds (except one) and ive had a little bit of trouble with constipation (which was somewhat expected), but, a lot more so than that, ive also noticed that ive been retaining water. I find it harder to urinate and i do so less frequently. And WHEN i do its almost totally clear. So heres what i was switched from/ to and put on:

20mg Prozac - 20mg Lexapro
1mg klonopin 2X day- 3mg xanax 3 X day
*same 30mg restoril at bedtime
*new 400mg gabapentin 3 X day
*new 50mg ultram 2X a day
*new 50 mg vistoril 3X a day

I did a bit of a quick google on it but didnt really fine mudh, do any of you guys know about this knina stuff