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Do any IMPLANON users smoke or do drugs?

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Marvell 8 Dec 2011

It's unfortunate that no one has answered ... I am very sure though that there must be quite a few women who at least smoke (if not using drugs) while using Implanon.

LisaCox19908 26 Jun 2013

I smoke. and I've had the implanon in sense Feb. 14 2011. Right after having a child. All Ive noticed is my arm get's irritated when i smoke, and get bad dreams of my ovaries getting damaged, or not going to work, especially when they've felt weird (numbing, tingling, watery sleeping feeling). Only happened a couple times. But Hoping I'll have a good pregnancy when decide to take it out. (Scared of not able to get pragnet tho.) free discount card

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